Manufacturer & Exporter of Auxiliary Equipments & MachineryKrishna Auxiliaries Pvt. Ltd.

About Krishna Auxiliaries Pvt. Ltd.

Krishna Auxiliaries Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in the manufacturing of auxiliary equipments for plastics molding machine located in Ahmedabad, India. Our equipments include Hot Air Dryer, Vacuum Hopper Loader, Water Chiller, Mold Temperature Control, Material Storage Bin, Mixers, Granulators, Dehumidifiers, and the central feeding system. Our equipments are widely used in various industries including electronics, household appliances, CDs, building materials, packaging, beverage, medical industry and so on.

We have a R & D team of senior engineers with experience of more than ten years. We make continuous efforts in the research and development of advanced equipments. Our design idea is nice appearance, high efficiency, stable performance, easy operation and safe using.

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